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McDonald's Testing Garlic Fries

Published on May 4 2016 12:23 PM in Restaurant tagged: Innovation / Sales Growth / McDonald's / fast food

McDonald's Testing Garlic Fries

McDonald's is continuing with its menu innovation with the launch of garlic fries in the US.

The new fries, which the fast food chain claims are a "made-to-order item is tossed with a purée mix of Gilroy garlic and olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley, and a pinch of salt", have been launched in a handful of outlets in San Francisco. The product has been given the name 'Gilroy Garlic Fries' - a nod to Gilroy, the town outside of San Francisco which is nicknamed the "garlic capital of the world" due to its vast production of the ingredient.

These new fries follow McDonald's trend of offering more regional items to customers in an attempt to increase sales growth, as seen with the launch of their sweet potato fries in Texas and McMór burgers in Ireland.

Depending on the success of these new fries, they could potentially be rolled out nationwide in the US and overseas.

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