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Two Out of Three Irish People Steal From Hotels

Published on Jun 5 2015 3:12 PM in Hotel tagged: Ireland / Argentina /

Two Out of Three Irish People Steal From Hotels

Irish hotel guests are the fifth most likely to steal from their rooms, according to a survey conducted by

The website surveyed 28 nationalities, discovering that 68 per cent of Irish people will take an item with them when they leave, other than toiletries.

Stationery, towels and slippers were revealed to be the most frequently taken items, although guests also admitted to absconding with batteries, lightbulbs, picture frames and even beds.

Argentine travellers are the most light-fingered, as 73 per cent of them admitted to stealing, topping the list. Rounding out the top five are Singapore (71 per cent), Spain (70 per cent), Germany (68 per cent) and Ireland (67 per cent).

Apart from toiletries, which most hoteliers expect and even encourage their guests to keep, taking items from the room is frowned upon and can lead to hotels putting surcharges on the guests' credit card after their stay.

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