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Hotelier Says Brexit Would Have 'Disastrous' Effect on Northern Ireland Tourism

Published on Mar 10 2016 11:23 AM in General Industry tagged: UK / tourism / Northern Ireland / Brexit

Hotelier Says Brexit Would Have 'Disastrous' Effect on Northern Ireland Tourism

A prominent Northern Ireland-based hotelier has claimed that the UK leaving the EU would be detrimental to tourism, particularly in Northern Ireland.

Indian-born Lord Rana, MBE, said he was "very, very concerned" about the proposed exit from the European Union, as he fears it would lead to job losses.

Lord Baron owns five hotels in Belfast - Holiday Inn Express, Ramada Plaza, two Ibis hotels, and the Holiday Inn. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he said: "Leaving the Common Market would be very bad for our industry.

"Europeans come to Northern Ireland for their holiday. Out of the EU, there would be travel restrictions and all sorts of issues that would not be helpful in our industry."

Lord Rana said he plans to build three new hotels in Northern Ireland over the next three years, but claims it may not be economically viable in the case of a Brexit.

Northern Ireland has done well," he said. "European funds have helped Northern Ireland. I don't understand why politicians are in favour of opting out of the EU. It doesn't make economic sense. If we were to opt out, it would be really disastrous for tourism, particularly in Northern Ireland."

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