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Daily Diet Drink Consumption May Increase Risk Of Dementia

Published on Apr 21 2017 12:32 PM in A-Brands tagged: Trending Posts / Stroke

Daily Diet Drink Consumption May Increase Risk Of Dementia

Research from the US has suggested that drinking one ‘diet’, artificially sweetened drink per day may increase the risk of dementia or stroke by up to three times.

The study, published in medical journal Stroke, also indicates that having at least one diet drink a day 'increased the risk compared to consuming less than one diet drink a week'.

Researchers found no link between sugary drinks and an increased risk of stroke and dementia, though they warned people not to view sugary drinks as a 'healthy option', according to

The research is based on data for more than 4,300 people taking part in the Framingham Heart Study.

It also outlined that the study is observational and based on food questionnaires and that further studies were needed on the links between drinks, dementia and stroke.

Rachel Johnson, past chairwoman of the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee and professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont, said: “We know that limiting added sugars is an important strategy to support good nutrition and healthy body weights, and until we know more, people should use artificially sweetened drinks cautiously.

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