Hospitality Ireland is the country’s leading digital magazine dedicated to the food service and on-trade drinks industry. Publishing the latest sector news, trends and insights, it's also a key digital marketing platform for companies to promote their products and services to prospective industry clients in Ireland.

The digital magazine reflects the issues and concerns of every aspect of the trade, from catering and drinks to the equipment and services available to hotels, bars and restaurants. Hospitality Ireland is as relevant to small rural publicans as it is to big catering companies based in the nation's capital.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Who reads Hospitality Ireland?
- What can Hospitality Ireland do for you?
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Who reads Hospitality Ireland

Hospitality Ireland is avidly read by proprietors, senior management and those with purchasing responsibility in: Hotels, Nightclubs, Pubs, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Contract Caterers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Sports & Social Clubs.

For those companies active in the sector, Hospitality Ireland offers the most targeted and cost-efficient way to communicate with their customer base. If your company is looking to target the sector then contact us today to find out how we can grow your sales.

What can Hospitality Ireland do for you?

We believe that no other media title can offer you comparable exposure to the hospitality industry, and our sales team is on hand to provide professional advice on how we can help you reach your target audience.

Hospitality Ireland is the leading digital magazine covering industry news, trends and insights of one of the largest employers in the country.

Helmed by Emily Hourican, an experienced publishing professional previously chosen as the business editor of the year at the Irish Magazine AwardsHospitality Ireland can help your company break in to this competitive sector with our comprehensive digital advertising packages.

Hospitality Ireland Digital Magazine

Our sector leading quarterly title, Hospitality Ireland, is a renowned bastion of industry news, market-leading research, and thought provoking discussion. As the magazine of record for the biggest business sector in Ireland, Hospitality Ireland is the key source of industry news for the hospitality sector and the key platform by which suppliers market their products and services and key management with procurement and purchasing responsibility.


Hospitalityireland.com provides a richer, deeper digital experience for visitors and marketing partners than any other industry title. Hospitality Ireland journalists and contributors deliver breaking news, top headlines, features, and exclusive online research and analysis to our dedicated audience of industry professionals, seven days a week.

Hospitality Ireland Newsletter

The Hospitality Ireland Newsletter makes it easy proprietors, senior management and those with purchasing responsibility to stay well informed on the latest news, industry trends and competitor activity. Our subscribers receive a synopsis of the latest and most important stories from the Irish hospitality landscape, curated by our team of experts on a weekly basis.

Hospitality Ireland Social Media Channels 

Whichever platform you like to receive your news on, Hospitality Ireland has you covered. We post breaking news and top stories to our Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook social channels, seven days a week.

Does Hospitality Ireland hold industry awards?

National Hospitality Awards 

The National Hospitality Awards are the pre-eminent pan industry awards for the Irish hospitality sector. The awards are open to operators working in the Irish hotel, restaurant, pub, bar, nightclub and contract catering sectors.

The Awards are a distinctive and prestigious recognition of the efforts of the very best in the business, and are judged by industry professionals, to a rigorous standard. Winners are establishments that have really excelled in both front and back of house.

There are demonstrable benefits to both entering and winning the National Hospitality Awards (NHA). By entering, establishments show their determination to achieve and succeed, and be acknowledged as the best in their field.

The presence of a winner’s plaque highlighting your achievements will distinguish your establishment from local and national competition, increasing footfall and revenue. Winning a National Hospitality Award is also highly motivating for staff, and will often kick-start an internal campaign to maintain a high level of service and strive to improve.

Entering the awards is also an opportunity for your team’s efforts to be recognised, encouraging pride in their place of work. Networking opportunities also abound for attendees and nominees of the event alike, as many leaders of the hospitality industry frequent the awards every year.

How can I subscribe to Hospitality Ireland?

In solidarity with the industry we are proud to serve, we are currently offering our readers a FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION.

Hospitality Ireland members get ahead with unlimited access to the latest industry news and exclusive insights into the Irish hospitality, food service, and on-trade drinks sectors.

Sign up for a FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION package today and receive exclusive access to Hospitality Ireland for the forthcoming year.


How can I advertise in Hospitality Ireland?

If you are looking to launch a product or increase your sales to the Irish hospitality sector, please visit our advertise section for further information.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our team via the contact details below:

CONTACT: [email protected], or speak directly one of our account managers today.

ALAN O'BRIEN +353 (0)1 236 5845 | [email protected]

How to send us your news stories?

If you want to send us a press release or tell us about a new story, you can reach out to our editorial team via the contact details below:

ROBERT MCHUGH| [email protected]

EMILY HOURICAN | [email protected]