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Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions

All rights reserved by Madison Publications Ltd. (t/a Hospitality Ireland). Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Every care is taken in compiling the contents of this publication, but the proprietors assume no responsibility in the effects arising therefrom.

No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of manuscripts submitted for publication. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the proprietors. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse advertisements.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Payments due within 12 working days from publication date unless otherwise agreed.

If contract is not completed in its entirety as stated in the booking, the number of advertisements that have been published (including advertisements not cancelled 12 days prior to publication) will be charged at the full rate card price if applicable.

By signing the booking form contract, the company representative/individual is giving authority to charge the supplied credit card for completed orders where payment has not been received after 90 days of the publication date. The representative also gives Madison Publications the right to initially process the card for €0.00 to make sure it is valid at time of initial booking.

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