Armagh’s Food & Cider Weekend Returns

By Robert McHugh
Armagh’s Food & Cider Weekend Returns

Armagh’s Food & Cider Weekend will be returning with new events, features and tasting menus this September. Throughout the weekend, the festival will feature artisan markets, tasting specials, banquets, cidery tours and 'fiery' cooking demos.

More than 40 standout events are planned from September which will celebrate the best food, history and culture of the 'Cathedral City' and its surroundings at harvest time.

The festival will be backed by award-winning local chefs, producers and food experts.

Cider And Cheese Event

Organisers say Crannagael House, where Armagh’s apple story officially began, is a big feature in this year’s programme.

Award-winning 4 Vicars team Gareth Reid and his wife Kasia will be serving up a celebration of cider and cheese event showcasing the best of local produce, as well as the chance to try a Sunday lunch prepared by the cook and the gardener in the Georgian surroundings.


Throughout the long weekend, well known harvest ambassadors the McKeever family at Long Meadow Cider Company, will host a series of special events including a Wine V Cider evening and a ‘Flash Fiction’ event for new and experienced writers.

Cooking with Fire Events

In Markethill, at the edge of Gosford Park, the team of ‘On the Hoof’, which specialises in outdoor woodfire cookery, will share its expertise with guests as part of a special Woodland Supper.

There will be two cooking with fire events focusing on both meat and fish and concluding with a celebratory BBQ serving low and slow dishes prepared by visitors taking part.

Wine, Cheese And Charcuterie Evening

Fifth Quarter, Banbridge’s newest restaurant, will host a beef tasting menu & wine tasting as well as a wine, cheese and charcuterie evening, while The Vault in nearby Banbridge is offering visitors a ‘Tipsy Tea’ experience, bringing a taste of Italy to County Armagh with its artisan woodfired pizzas.

Multi-award-winning Blackwell House will be welcoming guests to its Pudding Club on Friday, celebrating a special line-up of homemade fruity treats and drinks, followed by a weekend of Afternoon Teas.


Cidery Tour

Finally, the Armagh Cider Company will host its Cidery Tour, which examines the journey from the apple to the bottle, so visitors can see the process of how cider is made.

This is in addition to other food and cider tours over the weekend including a walking and coach tour, which includes a chance to meet and chat to local suppliers.

'World Class Cider'

“Outstanding food, quality ingredients and world class cider are always reasons to celebrate which is why we’re delighted to welcome back visitors from near and far to experience the fresh menu and new crop of activities at this year’s Armagh Food & Cider Weekend," said cllr Sorchá McGeown, deputy Lord Mayor of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough.

"Packed with great places to eat, and vibrant markets, come along with family and friends to indulge in a culinary kick through our city and enjoy the region’s best produce in a one-of-a-kind destination you’ll want to come back to."