'Ban Energy Drinks for Unders-16s' says Charity

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'Ban Energy Drinks for Unders-16s' says Charity

Charity group Action on Sugar has called for a ban on the sale of so-called energy drinks to children under the age of 16, as sugar levels are dangerously high in many brands.

On an analysis of 197 drinks, found in all major supermarkets, which brand themselves as energy drinks (using terms such as 'energy', 'caffeine', and 'stimulation') the group found that 80 per cent contained as much if not more sugar than Coca Cola.

One such brand contained 20 spoonfuls of sugar in a 500ml bottle - three times the recommended daily intake.

Children, AoS argues, are being tricked into believing that these drinks will enhance performance at sport or in school. However, the group says that they are merely making children addicted and fuelling the obesity epidemic, as well as type 2 diabetes.

They have called on Government officials to restrict the amount of sugar that can be put in drinks, as well as highlight the issue of extra sugar intake for adults.