Britvic Ireland Responds To Sugar Tax Measures In Budget 2018

By Dave Simpson
Britvic Ireland Responds To Sugar Tax Measures In Budget 2018

Following the announcement made in todays Budget 2018, Britvic Ireland has responded to the sugar tax measures that will be introduced in April 2018.

It a statement it highlighted that it recognises the government’s decision to implement a sugar tax, however it is disappointed that the soft drinks sector has been 'arbitrarily singled out'.

The soft drinks company said that currently three quarters of its products are already low or no sugar.

It was announced in todays Budget that the Sugar Tax which will be introduced in April 2018 will mean that a 30 cent per litre of tax will be introduced on drinks with over 8g of sugar per 100ml.

“It is essential that the Department of Finance and Revenue engages with the industry to ensure that Republic of Ireland manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, publicans and foodservice operators are not disadvantaged versus imported product, especially in an environment of weakening Sterling." Kevin Donnelly, managing director Britvic Ireland said.


“We look forward to constructive engagement as soon as implementation details become clearer, most likely in the upcoming Finance Bill. Given the implementation timeline is less than half that afforded to the industry in the UK, early engagement on this matter is crucial”.

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