Call For Cut On Alcohol Excise Duty To Mitigate Brexit Impact

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Call For Cut On Alcohol Excise Duty To Mitigate Brexit Impact

Results released from the National Off-Licence Association's annual members' survey reveal that 67% of Irish off-licence retailers believe that a reduction in alcohol excise duty will help mitigate the potential fallout from Brexit.

Rte.ie reports that the association has called on the government to reduce excise duty by 15%, which would result in a 10% drop in the prices of beer, spirits and cider, with a 50% decrease in wine costs. The association also wishes to see the reintroduction of a ban on below cost selling of alcohol as well as the establishment of tighter controls on out-of-state imports in relation to VAT and excise duty.

Government affairs director for NOffLA, Evelyn Jones, stated: "The independent off-licence sector continues to face significant challenges associated with a punitive alcohol tax regime that is not in line with other European nations, and is damaging not only communities, but also our national competitiveness. This situation has now been exacerbated by the likely impacts of Brexit and the debilitating impact cross-border trade will have on Irish SMEs."