Coca-Cola Marks Contour Bottle Centenary with Ad Campaign

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Coca-Cola Marks Contour Bottle Centenary with Ad Campaign

The 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola's iconic contour bottle is being celebrated with a multimedia campaign detailing who the bottle has "kissed".

The ad campaign, called "I've kissed" (inspired by a quote by Andy Warhol) features posters and outdoor advertising of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Ray Charles and Elvis, all of whom have have been photographed with the bottle in the past.

The ad, stating "I've kissed Marilyn," and "I've kissed Elvis," etc, aligns Coca-Cola with these pop culture icons because, as the company say, they all "create happiness for people by way of presence and sensory experience."

The anniversary is also being marked by a number of videos - 15 in total - of varying styles. One (below) features stop-motion video shot by David LaChappelle called "Together". Another (end) builds on the 'kiss' imagery, called "Kiss Happiness".

The design was created in 1915 by The Root Glass Company in an effort to stop copycat cola brands imitating Coke. The design was based on the shape of the cocoa pod, due to a mistaken belief that it was in the drink's recipe.

Cocoa-Cola has announced that the ad campaign will start on 30 march and run for two weeks. The imagery will appear on outdoor advertising, point-of-sale materials, and social and digital media.