Coca-Cola Reveal New Campaign To Encourage Face-To-Face Social Interactions

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Coca-Cola Reveal New Campaign To Encourage Face-To-Face Social Interactions

Coca-Cola has announced the launch of Diet Coke’s new 'Get The Gang Back Together' campaign, which encourages people to hang out more face-to-face rather than via social media.

The campaign, which ’celebrates and encourages the amazing moments friends share when they are together’, was unveiled alongside a survey which showed that the majority of British people feel overwhelmingly detached from the social media followers, claiming only three or five out of a possible 100+ followers are ‘close friends’.

Sharing Moments

Natalie Whitehead- Farr, Senior Brand Manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain added, “Diet Coke is all about celebrating those amazing moments we have with our friends.

“The rise of social media means that we can communicate with our friends easily and it is also a great tool for meeting new people. However, it is encouraging to see that we all really do value the opportunity to share good times in person, which is what we are calling for people to do more.”


Coca-Cola's research also found that despite the continued dominance of social media, what people really want is face time with our friends.

When asked about their preferred means of communication with friends, 69% said meeting up in person rather than via social media (11%), group chats (8%), text message (8%) or a phone call (3%).

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