Fanta Reduces Sugar By A Third For Reformulated Relaunch

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Fanta Reduces Sugar By A Third For Reformulated Relaunch

As a part of it's Reformulation Agenda, Coca-Cola Ireland has announced today (7 June) that it will be relaunching its Fanta drink, reducing the sugar content by a third.

The reformulated soft drink is expected to hit the market later this month.

It also highlighted that not only will there be a reduction of sugar, but the Fanta bottle will also be re-designed. A new logo, design, sand bottle shape are to be amongst the new changes.

Speaking about the recent Fanta relaunch Petre Sandru, country manager Coca-Cola Ireland said, “In Ireland Fanta is a fan favourite that has been loved for many years. With renewed focus and investment in marketing, we have the opportunity to introduce even more people to this fun, iconic brand.

"This begins with the product itself. We are committed to delivering the same great taste of Fanta while at the same time helping consumers reduce their sugar intake.”


This recent change is a part of Coca-Cola’s larger campaign to have all of it's product’s sugar content lowered by 10% by 2020, in Ireland.

It also said that even more low and sugar-free drinks are reportedly planned to be revealed in 2017 and 2018 and Ireland can expect to see these changes heavily advertised this summer.

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