Heineken's Global Brew Master Says 'Craft' Is A Marketing Definition

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Heineken's Global Brew Master Says 'Craft' Is A Marketing Definition

Heineken's global craft and brew master has said that he takes exception to the phrase 'craft beer', stating that craft is an "economic, marketing definition, blocking out big guys".

Willem van Waesberghe made the comments when speaking to Bobby Kerr on the Down to Business show on Newstalk, adding that, "For me it is about craftsmanship, a brewer in a big brewery or a brewer in a small brewery needs to do the same craftsmanship. He or she needs to look at the ingredients, look at the recipe, and the equipment and create that beer. Those decisions are the same if you are making one hector litre, or maybe one million hector litres."

Van Waesberghe acknowledged that the shift in consumer tastes towards craft and experimental beers has been "a great development".

"We think - and I think - this is a great development. Consumers want to get more and more variety. They are getting interested in beer, they are getting interested in what they drink. For us it is the same, we want to create beers. We have delivered [the] beers they always wanted, now they want more so we're going to do that," he told Newstalk, adding that "more variants are coming" for Heineken as it continues to adapt to changing consumer tastes.