Irish Breweries Raising Capital Through Crowdfunding

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Irish Breweries Raising Capital Through Crowdfunding

O Brother Brewing from Wicklow are following in the footsteps of fellow Irish breweries such as Eight Degrees, White Hag and Trouble Brewing by using crowdfunding to raise capital.

With Ireland''s craft beer scene continuing its phenomenal growth, more and more breweries are looking towards crowdfunding platforms to find a more suitable way to finance their business expansion.

PResently, O Brother are projecting sales of over 300,000 for 2016 and hope to raise 20,000 by the start of May to help take them to the next level. LinkedFinance, one of Ireland's largest lending platforms, has already helped them reach 66% of their funding goal.

Another brewery currently looking for funding is Radikale from Cork, but going about it in a different way. Founder Alain Dekoster is using Seedrs to sell 25% of the company for 170,000.

With these crowdfunding programmes making it simple for people to buy into their favourite businesses, and the success that Irish breweries have had with them in the past, they are likely to be a key factor in Ireland's growing craft beer future.