Irish Distillers Assists East Cork Communities Affected By Storm Babet

By Robert McHugh
Irish Distillers Assists East Cork Communities Affected By Storm Babet

Irish Whiskey Auctions has announced it will host a charity auction that will see three very rare whiskeys from Irish Distillers’ prestige collection auctioned to raise funds for those impacted by the recent flooding in Midleton.

Irish Distillers has donated three of the most sought-after vintages in the history of the 40 Midleton Very Rare releases to the auction as well as some bottles of Redbreast 10 year old.

A bottle of Midleton Very Rare 1988, Midleton Very Rare 1989 and Midleton Very Rare 2009, will lead the charity auction, in addition to 50 bottles of the March 2021 Redbreast 10 Year Old release.

'Incredible Community'

"We are extremely proud to be part of an incredible community in Midleton who have shown, and continue to show, immense resilience and partnership in the face of extraordinarily difficult times," said Nodjame Fouad, CEO and chairman, Irish Distillers.

"As a business, we will continue to do what we can to support the community rebuild.”


Saint Vincent de Paul

Irish Whiskey Auctions has also contributed a number of whiskeys to the auction which will open on Wednesday November 1 and will run until Sunday, November 5.

Proceeds from the auction will be donated to Society of Saint Vincent de Paul who will distribute the funds locally to those impacted by the flooding.

'Momentous Fundraising Auction'

"The full proceeds from the exclusive whiskeys donated from the Midleton Very Rare Collection, the highly sought after Redbreast 10 Year Old release, and some of our own collection as well as our fees and commissions will all go towards helping alleviate the challenges faced by those impacted," said Anthony and Katie Sheehy, founders of Irish Whiskey Auctions.

"We are happy to assist Irish Distillers on this momentous fundraising auction, and with the support of our vibrant whiskey community, we hope to help make a meaningful difference.”