Irish Whiskey Sales Soar In The US

By Dave Simpson
Irish Whiskey Sales Soar In The US

New data released by the Distilled Spirits Council reveals that Irish whiskey sales rose 12.8% in the US last year to $897 million (€718 million), with volumes increasing 11.3% to 4.2 million cases.

According to The Irish Times, the statistics show that volumes of high-end premium Irish whiskey brands which typically cost less than $200 rose by 8.2%, with volumes of brands costing in excess of $200 rising 46.5%.

It's predicted that Irish whiskey exports will double to 144 million bottles by 2020. At present, the US is the most popular market for Irish whiskey, followed by Ireland, France, the UK and South Africa, and Jameson is the top selling Irish whiskey worldwide, with sales reaching 6.5 million cases in 2017.