New Pricing Laws OnLy Affect Cheapest Drinks

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New Pricing Laws OnLy Affect Cheapest Drinks

The price of most drinks will not be affected by new pricing laws, chairwoman of the National Off-Licence Association, Evelyn Jones.

Under the new laws, the price of a bottle of spirits could cost up to €18, a bottle of wine €9 and a can of beer could cost €2.20.

This, says Jones, will only affect the cheaper brands (Tesco, for example, has a bottle of red wine on sale for €4) and most customers will not be affected.

As a result of the minimum pricing the cheapest products would have to be delisted by the retailers, as reported in the Irish Times.

“There is no way profit-taking will happen and there is no way retailers will try and sell the wines that cost €4 and €5 today for above the minimum price when it is introduced. I don’t think anyone in among the buying public would stand for it,” explained Jones.

According to a Numbeo International pricing survey, the average price an Irish consumer spends on a bottle of wine is €10, a price above the minimum pricing barrier.