O’Hara's Launches Bavarian Style 'Festhalten'

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O’Hara's Launches Bavarian Style 'Festhalten'

O'Hara's Craft Beers launched a Bavarian-style hefeweizen at the Irish Craft Beer Festival over the weekend. The new beer will be named ‘Festhalten’, which means ‘Hold on tight’.

Festhalten is unfiltered and brewed using a traditional hefeweizen yeast strain. The brewer describes it as having a banana flavour with a ‘light clove spice and wheat malt aroma’.

The Irish Craft Beer Festival ran from 8 to 10 September in the RDS. Following the festival, ‘Festhalten’ will be rolled out on draught.

O’Hara’s also launched some festival-only specials at the Irish Craft Beer Festival, among them a Grapefruit IPA, Wild Side Sour Cherry and a Barrel-Aged cask red ale.

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