Profits Grow 4.4% For Britvic Drinks Company

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Profits Grow 4.4% For Britvic Drinks Company

The Britvic Company's revenue has increase 4.4% in the year to 29 September.

The makers of 7UP and MiWadi witnessed their profits rise 3.8% in its core British market, 13.5% up in France and 1.8% higher in Ireland.

The soft drinks group believe their sales went up due to the warm weather last summer. In July, the group's revenue rose by 12.8% to £366.4 million from the last quarter.

Britvic also recovered from Fruit Shoot, a children's drink which had to be recalled in July 2012 due to faulty caps. The market share for Fruit Shoot returned at pre-recall sales and are rising.

“In each of our markets the consumer environment is challenging as disposable incomes remain under pressure and consumers continue to seek value,” Mr Litherland said. “As we move into the new financial year our focus is on delivering the new strategy and cost-saving initiatives we communicated in May.” Britvic's chief executive, Simon Litherland told the Irish Times.