Rye River Brewing Criticise Fine Gael Candidate

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Rye River Brewing Criticise Fine Gael Candidate

The Rye River Brewing Company has brandished Kildare North TD Anthony Lawlor a disgrace over suggestions made by the Fine Gael candidate in his electon manifesto.

In his manifesto, Lawlor claimed to have created 150 jobs in the town of Kilcock through the Rye River Brewing Company. An idea that the company entirely refutes, most notably because the company had actually moved to Celbridge.

Rye River Brewing founder Niall Phelan took to social media to criticise Lawlor when he was notified of the claims on the TD's manifesto. "I have no allegiance to any political party, but do support hard working politicians and I do believe that there are great public representatives in all parties.

"However, I was extremely annoyed when this came through my friend’s door. Firstly, I have spoken to this politician twice in my life. Secondly, to claim that he is responsible for creating jobs in our business is a disgrace," he continued.

"And third, it shows how little he knows our business, as Rye River has moved from Kilcock to Celbridge where we have announced 150 new jobs on top of the 50 we already created," he said.


In a lighthearted turn, Phelan went on to congratulate Anthony Lawlor on his involvement in the re-introduction of the Wispa bar, on his inventing of the spice bag and on him being the first man to get the fig into the Fig Roll.

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