The Six Steps To Perfection Of The Coca-Cola Signature Serve

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The Six Steps To Perfection Of The Coca-Cola Signature Serve

The six steps to perfection of the Coca-Cola Signature Serve will be displayed by Dublin bar tenders in the Grafton Lounge in Dublin on Tuesday 4th November, following on from the successful Northern Ireland heat in Belfast last month.

Nathan Evans from Mary's Magherafelt and Dale Johnston from The Hillside Hillsborough emerged as the two Northern Ireland regional winners. 

There will be four regional heats in total with the others taking place in Galway on 18th November and Cork on 25th November.   A grand total of eight finalists will then compete with their own Signature Serve incorporating the six steps at an all Ireland final in January 2015.  The finalists have a chance to win the trip of a lifetime to Atlanta, Georgia to visit the Coca-Cola World of Happiness. 

Over the course of 2014 the importance of the Coca-Cola Signature Serve has been important in driving the experience and quality of the soft drink for consumers.  The competition and interaction with the trade has made the education of the perfect Signature Serve a fun process to be involved in and proved to be pinnacle in winning with bar staff across the country.

The Six Steps:


1 – Dripmat facing consumer

2 – Gerogia green glass filled to top with ice

3 – Pop a 200ml Coca-Cola open

4 – Fill the glass at 45 degrees 

5 - Garnish with lemon or lime

6 – Present glass on drip mat with bottle beside