Torres & Earth: The More We Care For The Earth, The Better Our Wine

By Dave Simpson
Torres & Earth: The More We Care For The Earth, The Better Our Wine

Tradition and family describes the Torres family, five generations of winemakers with an even longer history in vine growing. Even today the living generations are actively involved. It is a family business they adore and are keen to keep it that way. The Torres family do not rest on the laurels and have been keeping a close eye on their vineyards and are seeing that climate change has impacted them but also watching how their own winery has an environmental impact.

Climate change is becoming more of a hot topic the world over, no more so than within the Bodegas Torres family. A family winery since 1870, with environmentally respectful winemaking, Torres has brought together tradition and innovation in the making of quality wines and brandies. Now, they are viewing the challenges of climate change through conserving the environment.

The Torres family are vocal in their desire to understand and adjust to the ever changing environments in which we find ourselves living. They have changed the bottling so it is lighter, saving on emissions in producing it and delivering it the consumer. It is only one of the many initiatives they have enacted. Solar power and wind turbines along with reusing vineyard waste have cut their overall waste by 90%.

Changes in the vines' living surroundings have an influence on their vegetative cycle, thus the need to act now. Solar panels, wind turbines, vineyard and water management are just some of the active initiatives. Torres has invested serious money into their studies, winemaking techniques and activities. They employ more than a 100 people in laboratories and universities around the world to study and combat the effects of climate change.

All Torres' work and effort is evident in the wine; no more so than in Mas La Plana. This is Torres's famous single vineyard wine from the historic estate of the same name at the family home in Pacs del Penedès. A 'legend in black', 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is a simultaneously powerful and elegant wine, and a true icon.