Meatopia Food Festival Arrives In St. James's Gate In July

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Meatopia Food Festival Arrives In St. James's Gate In July

The first weekend of July will see St. James's Gate playing host to an official spinoff of Meatopia, the food festival for carnivores with a conscience that was inaugurated in New York and also takes place in London.

The Irish Times reports that guest beers from independent brewers in Ireland and the UK will also be available at the event when it rolls into Guinness's Open Gate Brewery next month.

The festival will feature a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that showcase the skills of chefs, butchers, artisan producers and brewers who grill or smoke ethically sourced meat over sustainably produced charcoal or wood. All of the meat used comes from animals that have been raised naturally and led lives free of cruelty, hormones and antibiotics.

While the line-up for the Dublin event has yet to be finalised, it is expected to include some big names from the culinary world, who will also be giving talks and demonstrations on topics such as butchery and fire management.

Meatopia Dublin takes place on July 1 and 2 at St. James's Gate with tickets being available from June 2 at