Callebaut's Chocolizer App

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Callebaut's Chocolizer App

Flavours and ingredients are the essence of good chocolate making. But finding the right chocolate taste for the ultimate “mœlleux” isn’t so easy. Or what about matching the right chocolate with that sweet & sour raspberry beer? Callebaut now offers a simple, interactive solution: the Chocolizer. 

The Callebaut tasting panel has teamed up with a panel of food professionals. Together they have defined all possible flavours that can be recognised in a wide variety of dark, milk and white chocolates: bitter, roasted, cocoa, sweet, sour, fruity, caramel and more. All these flavours are laid out in an equalizer-like bar chart, called a taste profile, that can be tuned to the taste required. And so the Chocolizer was born. 

By tuning the bars of the Chocolizer it is possible to compose your preferred chocolate taste. The Chocolizer automatically responds with the chocolates that match this taste profile. It shows a 'Top 3' match of chocolates from the exhaustive list of Callebaut chocolate recipes, ranging from 'Finest Belgian Chocolate' to 'Origin' and 'Finest Selection'. The Chocolizer also permits detailed comparison of the three different flavour profiles of these chocolates, in a single display: from the origin of the beans to available viscosities, along with great pairing tips and recipe suggestions. 

But what about matching a specific ingredient to chocolate? Suppose the idea is to create an intense harmony with blackberry and dark chocolate. Here too, Callebaut’s Chocolizer is the right tool to find the best chocolate. It indicates the chocolate that goes perfectly with ingredients ranging from fruits and spices to beers and wines. This allows chefs to create innovative chocolate recipes with a perfectly harmonious taste that is fully on-trend.  There’s nothing to beat testing and tasting for yourself. Professionals who want to explore the taste of the different Callebaut chocolates can ask the Callebaut sales representatives to drop by. Armed with an extensive sample box and the Chocolizer they will help you examine your needs and ideas. And they will definitely find the perfect chocolate for everyone! 

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