'Food Is Medicine' Programme Launched At Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre

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'Food Is Medicine' Programme Launched At Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre

The Irish Food is Medicine programme was launched at an event in Wexford by Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre last week. The event included speakers such as internationally acclaimed psychotherapist, author and humanitarian Derek O’Neill, as well as business and tourism consultant's, Mags Boland Murphy and Paul Roberts of Pro Fitness.

Speakers presentations stressed the importance of balancing nutrition with fitness and overall well-being. The benefits of the programme are designed for all life areas including, professional corporates, fitness-focused people and professional athletes.

Geatano Pernagallo, the head chef at Creacon Lodge created the Food Is Medicine programme to increase people's health, vitality and wellness. Dishes created used locally sourced ingredients, a variety of spices and herbs as well as vegetables from Creacon’s own organic garden. Previously, Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre won an award in 2016 for the most eco-friendly café/restaurant.

In June 2016 a €1 million makeover was completed at the lodge resulting in sixteen en-suite bedrooms, several healing and consultation rooms, a personal gym, as well as art, statues and sculptures. There are Anespa filters installed in all the shower facilities reducing the acidity for bathing and Kangen Water is also served in its dining rooms and cafés. The lodge also offers yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, bio-feedback, Rising Star healings, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and Bowen Technique by staff and qualified associate trainers.