Ireland Third Dearest City In EU For A Night Out

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Ireland Third Dearest City In EU For A Night Out

Ireland is ranked as the third most expensive city in Europe to have a night out, according to as study conducted by consumer network One Big Switch.

Ireland is placed third most expensive among the 28 EU member states after Denmark and, most costly, Luxembourg.

Taking into consideration expenditures such as a meal, drinks, taxis and babysitting, an average night out in Dublin costs €112 with a night out in Denmark and Luxembourg costing €117 and €131, respectively.

Interestingly, the biggest cost associated with the €112 price tag is neither the food nor drink, but the babysitter; the average cost of which is €50 for five hours. A meal will set you back €27 and four drinks cost €21.

The data was collected using online database, a user-contributed site which gives information on cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution. (See how cost of living in Dublin compares to Copenhagen here). The website ranks Ireland as the 11th most expensive country in the world for cost of living, behind countries such as Switzerland, Australia and the UK.

The study also showed the three cheapest countries for a night out to be Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic.