Kepak Serves Irish Beef At US St. Patrick’s Day Event

By Dave Simpson
Kepak Serves Irish Beef At US St. Patrick’s Day Event

Despite being over 3,000 miles away, the Taoiseach will have the opportunity to consume Irish beef in Washington DC this week in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day. In accordance with the custom, Leo Varadkar will visit the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in the White House, but not before taking part in a number of key events.

Last night, (Wednesday March 14), Varadkar was among more than 700 guests that were served Kepak’s Celtic Beef Company tenderloin steak at The Ireland Funds 26th national Gala 2018 in Washington DC. The event was held at the National Building Museum to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

Celtic Beef Company is the first Irish retail brand to be served at The Ireland Funds event, while Kepak Group is the first Irish meat processing company to launch an Irish beef retail brand in the US.

Speaking ahead of the event, Joanne Farrelly, Sales Director, Kepak North America, said, “Kepak is delighted to be supplying The Ireland Funds 26th USA national Gala this year with 100% Irish beef through its successful retail brand – Celtic Beef Company. In doing so, Celtic Beef Company has become the first ever retail brand to supply the prestigious event.

“Kepak North America has been in operation for two years and we launched our brand, Celtic Beef Company, in September 2017. Since its launch, Celtic Beef Company has been a tremendous success and is achieving a premium within the retail market.”

Celtic Beef Company will also be supplying a range of other Irish-diaspora events in the US in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, including the well-known Nantucket Dinner on Thursday March 15.