Kerry's Sneem Black Pudding Applies For EU Protected Status

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Kerry's Sneem Black Pudding Applies For EU Protected Status

Kerry's Sneem Black Pudding has applied for 'Protected Designation of Origin' (PDI) status under the European Union's PDO/Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) quality regime.

The EU's PDO/PGI programme is a type of intellectual property that protects food product names which are linked to a specific geographical area or method. If successful with their application, no other producer will be able to use the “Sneem Black Pudding” name or it's method unless they produce it in Kerry and follow the same production method.

The application describes Kerry's association with the product as, “The tradition of home based black pudding production in the area dates back to well into the early 1800s. The blood was harvested fresh and the women would traditionally make the puddings. Sneem Black Pudding has been produced by the two traditional butcher shops in Sneem since approximately 1960”. It also states that the local environment of Kenmare provides their cattle and sheep with a rich natural diet that is distinctive and of high quality.

Irish products that have been successfully awarded PDO/PGI status include Clare Island Salmon, Connemara Hill Lamb and Waterford Blaa. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has currently launched a national consultation on the application and will listen to any feedback or objections until June 15.