Lamb in Takeaways Found to Contain Other Meat

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Lamb in Takeaways Found to Contain Other Meat

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has published the findings of a study carried out in conjunction with Health Service Executive (HSE) into lamb kebabs and lamb dishes in takeaway restaurants. The study found that beef and chicken were present in many of the dishes.

The findings revealed that seven of the twenty foods that were sampled from independent takeaway restaurants in Dublin were described as lamb on menus but contained other meats.

Of these seven foods, six either did not contain lamb at all or only in very small quantities; the foods contained over 60 per cent chicken and 5-30 per cent beef. Of these six, only three contained lamb but the levels were as low as 1-5 per cent.

Ten lamb dishes were sampled and one of these, which was minced meat for lamb skewers, contained over 60 per cent beef and over 30 per cent lamb.

Some positive findings were that no horse, goat, pig or turkey DNA was found in any of the samples.


The chief executive of the FSAI, Prof Alan Reilly, said that while it was not a food safety issue it did raise concerns about misleading consumers. He stated, "incorrectly listing meat products on a menu or menu board, whether inadvertently or by design is an unacceptable infringement of the labelling legislation.

"We will not hesitate to take appropriate action on food businesses that tare found to be intentionally misleading consumers through incorrect labelling or display on a menu or menu board."