Simplicity, Versatility & Improved Margins With Excellence

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Simplicity, Versatility & Improved Margins With Excellence

Add sparkle, taste and flair, aswell as profitable value to your dishes with Schwartz Blackened Cajun Seasoning.

"A perfect example for regular snack food is where we have seen a bowl of plain chips charged out at €2.30, but a bowl of Cajun (SFC Cajun Seasoning) chips were being offered for €2.80.

The extra cost for the sprinkling of Cajun Seasoning due to the quality of the Schwartz product would be approx. only €0.05, so the increased profit expectation is excellent,” explains Paul Ivory, operations director at Excellence Foodservice.

By doing this, Paul says, “the mark-up per dish for the spicy flavours would be in excess of 20 per cent.”

This is quite a difference, considering the labour involved is so minor.” Of course, dealing with popular products is a safer way to achieve your profits.


The Schwartz Sauces, Seasonings and Spices range are popular because they can be used before, during or after cooking food.

Any of the products in the range can be used as a marinade or coating to meat, chicken or fish before cooking, during the cooking process through basting with the sauces or the seasonings and spices sprinkled on, or after cooking by again basting in the same way.

Excellence are exclusive agents for Schwartz herbs & spices, sauces & seasonings for the foodservice industry in Ireland.