Total Produce Invests In Environmentally Friendly LPG Autogas Fleet

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Total Produce Invests In Environmentally Friendly LPG Autogas Fleet

Total Produce has partnered with Gallagher Brother Haulage to convert a fleet of eight lorries from conventional diesel fuelled vehicles to BIO LPG Autogas, for its Grá range of fresh produce.

It says that this conversion will allow for a reduction in diesel consumption of up to 35%, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 48%, and a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions of as much as 45%.

The converted vans are also set to offer a reduction in noise pollution of up to 10%.

At the unveiling of the first Grá branded vehicle in the LPG Autogas fleet, Des McCoy, Managing Director of Total Produce Ireland commented, “As Ireland’s largest fresh produce provider, we in Total Produce are committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

“I know that this is a conviction that we share with our Grá group of local growers across the island, so it is particularly appropriate that the introduction of these vehicles coincides with the launch of the Grá range of local fruits & vegetables nationally.”


Mark Gallagher, manages Gallagher Bros. Haulage with brother Terry, added, “Efficient and innovative distribution has a central role to play in the fresh produce supply chain and we are very proud to lead the way in embracing this new technology and partnering Total Produce in this exciting venture.”