Visitor Registration Now Open For SIAL Paris 2018

By Dave Simpson
Visitor Registration Now Open For SIAL Paris 2018

Visitor registration for the next SIAL Paris is now open. This year, SIAL Paris will showcase a new event dedicated to the major food trends of 2030, 'Future Lab', as well as a new sector, 'Alter'Native Food', with organic products, 'free-form' products and sustainable development.


New for SIAL Paris 2018, Future Lab unveils the food trends of tomorrow. This predictive space is designed to portray the future of SIAL Innovation. This future will be made tangible thanks to a triptych composed of an experiential tunnel, a rising startups space, and virtual reality concepts.


SIAL has noticed that something is stirring on "planet food" - a major phenomenon that SIAL Paris simply had to reflect. It is a mini-revolution which, almost under the radar, is throwing a whole new light on what we put on our plates, and reinventing the way we feed ourselves. Alternative Food is all about concocting healthier food, more respectful of nature and animal well-being. SIAL Paris's Alter'Native Food sector will be a show within a show, featuring a forum to analyse this trend.

SIAL Paris will take place from October 21 to 25, 2018 at Paris Nord Villepinte, north of the French capital. A full rundown of what the event has to offer can be found on the official SIAL Paris website.