Waterford's Blaa Bread Now Protected Geographical Product

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Waterford's Blaa Bread Now Protected Geographical Product

Waterfords famous Blaa bread has risen to the ranks of Champagne and Parma Ham by securing a place on Europe's list of protected foodstuffs.

Security by EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) means the famous bread roll can only be called Blaa if it is baked in Waterford. If any impostors try to imitate the famous babe, they will be heavily fined.

Bakers in the south-east had been seeking PGI status for Baa bread for over four years.

The Hugenots introduced Blaa bread to Waterford residents in the 17th century and has been popular ever since.

Michael Walsh, a third-generation baker of M & D Bakery in Waterford expressed his delight on hearing the good news.

"People outside Waterford didn't have a clue what blaas were before we started looking for PGI status for them, but now customers come looking for them. I hope the achievements of the Waterford blaa bakers will encourage other producer groups to come together and work with my department to get more products recognized." he told the Irish Independent.