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A Gigantic Coup for Limerick

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A Gigantic Coup for Limerick

Limerick is the national City of Culture this year and the flagship event of their culture programme is ‘The Giant’s Journey’. The event, presented by renowned French street theatre company Royal de Luxe, will take place over three days and three nights from September 5-7.

Tourism Ireland today launched a new online film to highlight the flagship event. The 60-second film features the giant, elaborate marionettes of Royal de Luxe winding through the streets of Nantes, in France – giving people a flavour of what to expect when this dramatic pageant comes here this autumn and urging prospective travellers everywhere to “join us in Limerick”.

This is the second online video Tourism Ireland has produced in association with Limerick City of Culture to entice prospective holidaymakers from around the world to come and visit Limerick this year. Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said, “We are delighted to unveil this second online film, highlighting the flagship event of Limerick City of Culture and whetting people’s appetites to come and visit. It really is a fantastic coup for Limerick that Royal de Luxe will bring its world-famous street theatre to the city. It is sure to be a huge spectacle and we are inviting people around the world to come and experience it for themselves."

The first-ever designation of national City of Culture for Limerick – and now the decision to bring the spectacular street theatre of Royal de Luxe to the city – has presented Tourism Ireland with an opportunity to increase awareness of the city around the world as a cultural and historic destination. Gibbons added, “Throughout 2014, Tourism Ireland is taking every opportunity to shine a spotlight on the city in our promotions around the world – leveraging the tourism benefits of this year-long celebration of culture and showcasing Limerick as a cultural and historic destination. We are also capitalising on important access developments – promoting the new, as well as existing, flights from Britain, the US and Mainland Europe to Shannon Airport – to continue to grow overseas tourism to Limerick and the Mid-West.” The film will be promoted by Tourism Ireland on its international website,; it will be shared with Tourism Ireland’s 2.2 million Facebook fans and 131,000 Twitter followers; and will be available on its YouTube channel, which is the most watched YouTube channel of national tourism organisations in Europe, according to the Digital Tourism Brand Index. Tourism Ireland will also invite top international travel and lifestyle media to come and attend ‘The Giant’s Journey’ and to sample some other aspects of what Limerick has to offer.