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Airfield Estate Reopens To Public After 2 Years

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Airfield Estate Reopens To Public After 2 Years

Airfield House and Farm, Dundrum, Dublin has now reopened to the public. The estate closed last year in order to renovate costing €11 million overall. The renovation includes a new farm centre, horticultural gardens and cafe.

Dublin solicitor Trevor TL Overend bought the house in 1894. He and his wife Lily had three daughters.

The eight-acre estate grew over the years as the family purchased surrounding lands. When the three girls died, Constance at age one, Letitia in 1974 and Naomi in 1993, the estate was left in trust for the public.

The story of the Overend family is told through interactive, audio-visual displays all around the house. The garage displays their vinage car collection including Letitia's blue 1927 Rolls Royce, Naomi Austin Tickford and Lily's Peugeot Quadrillette. 

The woodland walks are due to open next month. The kitchen garden and new farmyard will open in March. The visitor and schools programmes will commence in April. Admittance will cost €10 for adults, with concessions for penioners, students and children.