'All You Can Fly' Airline Surf Air To Start Operating In Ireland

By Dave Simpson
'All You Can Fly' Airline Surf Air To Start Operating In Ireland

Self-proclaimed "membership airline" Surf Air is set to start operating in the Republic in early 2018 in a bid to cater for increased demand for air travel in the wake of the UK's exit from the EU.

As reported by The Irish Times, Surf Air allows customers to travel as often as they desire after paying a flat fee, as well as enabling them to fly on executive aircraft from private terminals.

A spokesperson for the company explained, "There will be no airport queues as such. Everyone who travels with us goes through non-financial background checks, so once they're cleared to travel they no longer have to do that again. Of course, you need passports and identification, but there's no customs, immigration etc."

Surf Air members can make bookings through the airline's app and can arrive at the terminal 15 minutes ahead of their flight's scheduled departure time.

The spokesperson added, "With Brexit, for better or worse, it seems clear that tens of thousands of jobs will be relocated to different cities in Europe, which means tens of thousands of people will either have to relocate or find a commute option. We want to facilitate that process. There’s going to be an impact on the travel and airline industry, and we can step in and support ‘the Brexpats’, as we’re calling them."

Individual Air Surf membership starts at £3,150 per month and is aimed towards frequent fliers and business people. Those who pay this fee are granted unlimited access to all of Air Surf's European and American routes, however there are plans to introduce memberships covering a shorter list of destinations for below £2,000 per month in the future.