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Construction Starts On New €144m Irish Ferries Vessel

By Dave Simpson
Construction Starts On New €144m Irish Ferries Vessel

Irish Ferries has commenced construction on a new €144 million ship that will be the largest vessel operating on an Irish route upon its completion.

According to The Irish Times, the new ferry, the name of which will be decided by the outcome of a public competition, will encompass enough space for a combined crew and passenger complement of 1,885, with 440 cabins, including private balcony suites, and approximately 3km of car parking space.

As is traditional when building a new ship, Irish Ferries has announced that "a ceremonial coin commissioned to mark the occasion will be placed within the keel section and will remain there throughout its construction to bring good luck and calm seas for the vessel."

Bookings for transport on the as-yet-unnamed ferry are expected to open some time in October, with the ship itself scheduled to enter service in the summer of 2018.