CSO Records 7.6% Rise In Vistors To Ireland

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CSO Records 7.6% Rise In Vistors To Ireland

Figures released today by the CSO show a 7.6% increase in trips to Ireland from overseas in the three months from May to July, with a total of 2,084,600 trips made during the period.

The number of overseas trips made by Irish residents during the May-July period was up by 3.2% to 1,999,200.

Trips from North American residents were up by 20.5% to 418,700, while the number of trips from European countries other than Britain was up by 5.1% to 760,400.

The number of British trips also jumped during the period, rising 3.3% to hit 770,800.

Minister for Tourism Michael Ring said that the figures were 'very encouraging' and pointed to the Gathering as a positive driver of growth.


“Visitors from overseas are enjoying their holiday experience here in Ireland with many promising to return again in the future.”

The Minister also welcomed another set of figures released by the CSO this week, which showed an 8% increase in employment in accommodation and food services over the last 12 months.