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Doctors Call For 20% Tax On Fizzy Drinks

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Doctors Call For 20% Tax On Fizzy Drinks

The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland’s (RCPI) Policy Group on Obesity has called on the government to introduce the tax on sugary drinks in next week’s budget.

They believe that the government should place a tax of 20% on sugary drinks in a bid to fight obesity.

They also called on the government to conduct a review on how such drinks are promoted, and the effects such promotions has on consumption, particularly by children.

The RCPI's policy group say that fizzy drinks provide no nutritional value and are associated with weight gain.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Prof Donal O’Shea, Consultant Endocrinologist and Physician at St Vincent’s University Hospital and St Columcille’s Hospital said, “With one in four Irish schoolchildren classified as overweight or obese, we have an epidemic and the Government must take action.


“There is widespread agreement among health professionals, now backed by a convincing body of evidence, that sugar sweetened drinks, including sports drinks, and their pattern of consumption are significant factors in weight gain and obesity, especially among children," he said.

"Despite this, sugar sweetened drinks remain popular in Ireland, and are heavily promoted," he added.

The RCPI claim the cost of obesity to the state in 2009 was estimated at €1.13 billion.