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Dublin Airport Flying

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Dublin Airport Flying

1.2 million extra passengers have been added so far this year, making Dublin Airport one of the quickest-growing in the EU.

Passenger numbers in October alone were up 10 per cent on the same period of last year.

Dublin Airport has announced 19 new routes and 950,000 extra seats for winter, with new routes for 2015 to include Washington DC, Agadir, Nantes (Aer Lingus), Gothenburg (SAS), Iceland (WOW) and LA, and Addis Ababa (Ethiopian).

"We’re currently growing much faster than the European average," a spokesperson for the airport said.

"In September, passenger growth throughout Europe’s airports increased by 3.9 per cent. Average passenger growth in EU airports was 3.8 per cent, while traffic at Dublin was up 8 per cent in September."