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Dublin Council To Acquire Nama Property For The Homeless

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Dublin Council To Acquire Nama Property For The Homeless

An agreement between Nama and Dublin City Council has been reached which means 21 homeless families across Dublin will all be transferred to a central facility.

The council will come into possession of a Nama-controlled hotel which will provide at least 70 places for families that have been living in hotels for months.

It has not yet been disclosed which hotel the council will take over.

The location is being referred to as an "assessment centre", which will "fast-track" families into long-term accommodation from hotels. At the end of last month, 150 families with 311 children were living in hotels in the Dublin area. They were moved in as an emergency measure after contacting homeless services.

The council stated: "The use of commercial hotels at circa 21 different locations has also proved unviable in undertaking assessments of need and providing necessary support to families."

It is estimated that it would need another €6 million to cope with crisis-level demands for emergency accommodation.