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Dublin-London Second Busiest Air Route in the World

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Dublin-London Second Busiest Air Route in the World

The International Air Transport Association statistics for 2013 show that the Dublin-London air route is the second busiest in the world.

The IATA reviews the airline industry's performance annually and the statistics show that around 3.6 million people travelled Dublin to London last year, which is an increase of around 7 per cent on 2012.

According to Aer Lingus, Dublin is now ranked as the seventh hub in Europe for transatlantic passengers ahead of much bigger airports, as it continues to gain passengers wanting to avoid Heathrow.

The busiest air route was Hong Kong to Taipei, which saw around 4.9 million passengers, representing a decrease of around 11.5 per cent. The Asia-Pacific Region is the busiest for air travel.

Europe is the second busiest region, with around 825 million passengers, which is a rise of 3.4 per cent.


The United Kingdom had the most air traffic in Europe, while the US is the largest single air market for both domestic and international travel.

Over 3 billion people travelled by air last year, which is an increase of over 5 per cent on 2012. The price of air travel decreased by 7.4 per cent, while the price of jet fuel decreased by 3.9 per cent.