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Ferry Passengers Through Dublin Port Are On The Rise

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Ferry Passengers Through Dublin Port Are On The Rise

The number of ferry passengers passing through Dublin port between July and September 2014 has risen by 5.5 per cent, according to new figures released this morning.

Over 635,000 ferry passengers passed through Dublin Port during the three-month period, bringing the total numbers so far this year to 1,367,724. Meanwhile, Dublin Port is set to exceed the record throughput levels for imports and exports in 2007. Speaking to Business & Leadership, Economist Jim Power commented: “The latest data from Dublin Port shows continuing strong growth across most modes. “This is totally consistent with everything we know about the economy this year. Ireland's economic recovery is being driven by merchandise exports and investment and this is reflected in the latest trade statistics from Dublin Port.” Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport told Business & Leadership: “As a barometer of economic growth, the figures point to a very promising year for 2014 with strong increases in both throughput and ferry passenger numbers already evident. This is very welcome news indeed.”