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Heathrow Dismisses IAG's Proposal for Dublin as 'Third Runway'

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Heathrow Dismisses IAG's Proposal for Dublin as 'Third Runway'

Heathrow bosses have disregarded a proposal by IAG to make Dublin Airport a so-called 'third runway' to aid congestion in London.

IAG have suggested this as an alternative to the expansion of Heathrow, for which a £17 million campaign is underway. IAG has tabled the idea of using its takeover of Aer Lingus to add the Dublin Airport as an extra one runway to Heathrow's two, as reported in the Financial Times.

However, chief executive of Heathrow John Holland-Kaye has stated thatit would not free up congestion in the UK's largest airport, which is currently running at near capacity.

"Dublin is a great airport," said Holland-Kaye, "but if you look at what London needs - more long-haul connections to growing global markets, more export capacity - there is only one solution. To expand Heathrow."

IAG - Heathrow's largest carrier - has made this a key selling point in its proposed €1.4 million takeover of Aer Lingus. Dublin has, unlike Heathrow, some spare capacity and potentially could alleviate congestion by taking redirected transatlantic passengers through there.

Heathrow executives continue to push for permission to build a third runway in England, as passenger numbers to the airport continue to grow. in 2014, passenger numbers were up 1.4 per cent to 73.4 million.