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Largest Ever Number Of Cruise Ships in Belfast

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Largest Ever Number Of Cruise Ships in Belfast

Belfast’s famous Titanic port has welcomed a record number of cruise ships this year. 75,000 passengers and crew haven been brought to the city by a total of 44 ships. This season’s last cruise liner, the MS AMADEA, and its 900 passengers berthed the Belfast harbour at the end of September. Belfast Harbour’s Tony McAuley said that breaking the 500,000 cruise visitor barrier is a fantastic achievement. Most of the city’s success as a tourist spot is due to the marketing partnership between Belfast Visitor Convention Bureau (BVCB) and Belfast Harbour. "The opening of the £76m Titanic Belfast and the new visitors centre at Giant's Causeway earlier this year, together with the associated 2012 cultural programming and events created a focus and impact for our sales and marketing activity," agreed McAuley.

According to Anne McMullan from BVCB, Belfast is competing effectively among other European destinations, which demonstrates “that the billion-pound investment made in the city's tourism infrastructure, improving the experience for residents and visitors alike, and attracting world class events, is now paying off." Numbers are set to rise again next year, with 55 cruise ships expected to dock at Belfast Harbour.