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London Evening Standard Highlights Belfast To 17m Londoners

By Dave Simpson
London Evening Standard Highlights Belfast To 17m Londoners

A major article highlighting Belfast has appeared in the online version of the London Evening Standard, profiling the city to up to 17 million readers – or potential English holidaymakers for Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Tourism Ireland in London, in conjunction with Tourism NI, invited journalist Simon Midgley to visit Belfast last month. The resulting article was published this week under the headline “10 reasons why you should visit Belfast in 2018”

The opening paragraph of the article reminds readers of the recent Lonely Planet accolade for Belfast and the Causeway Coast as the “best place to visit in 2018” and states that Belfast “has been quietly evolving into one of the UK’s most exciting cities to explore”. The writer also touches on the city’s history and says that its “proud and respectful connection to its maritime past is evident throughout the city, most noticeable in the aptly named Titanic Quarter”. He commends the “buzzing food scene” and highlights Northern Ireland's connection to Game of Thrones, recommending a visit to “the epic 77-metre long Game of Thrones tapestry’” in the Ulster Museum and “a stroll through Belfast’s thriving Botanic Gardens”.

Julie Wakley, Tourism Ireland’s Head of Great Britain, said: “We are delighted with the excellent coverage in the Evening Standard online. It’s a great way of showcasing Belfast to a large audience of potential visitors – helping us to spread the word about what a great city it is to visit and what makes a holiday in Northern Ireland unique and truly memorable. Publicity is an important element of our overall promotional programme, helping to raise awareness through the GB media of the many things to see and do on a holiday in Northern Ireland.”