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New British Campaign Aims To End Food Waste In Landfills By 2020

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New British Campaign Aims To End Food Waste In Landfills By 2020

The Vision 2020 campaign encourages costumers, restaurants and retailers to look at food waste from landfill by 2020 .

Compulsory collections of food waste from all homes and businesses by local councils are among a series of measures recommended in a new report to enable food waste to be harnessed as a valuable resource to provide energy, heat and benefits for agriculture.

The initiative is being promoting by the British government, food manufacturers, recycling firms and retailers. It wants to see a ban on food waste in landfill so that people are more likely to recycle. Another idea is to establish compulsory door-to-door food waste collection by local councils.According to the study, re-using food waste through processes such as anaerobic digestion could return over 1.3m tonnes a year of valuable nutrients to the soil, power thousands of homes, save billions of pounds every year and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere."Food waste is a valuable resource that should never end up in landfill sites."Everyone from the food producer, through to the retailer, the restaurant and the householder can play their part in ensuring that we take full advantage of its considerable potential by ensuring we re-use, recycle and recover every nutrient and kilowatt of energy it has to offer." said Philip Simpson, commercial director at recycling firm ReFood, which is leading the campaign.