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New €1.6m Dublin Campaign to Attract 'Culturally Curious' UK Visitors

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New €1.6m Dublin Campaign to Attract 'Culturally Curious' UK Visitors

A new €1.6 million Dublin marketing campaign targeting the 'Culturally Curious' segment was launched in Great Britain this week.

The campaign, driven by the Grow Dublin Advisory Board, is being financed by Fáilte Ireland, Dublin hotels, local restaurants, the four local authorities and a number of other partners in the city and county.

The campaign aims to promote the unexpected variety of experiences on offer, using the catchphrase 'Dublin is what happens in between'. The 'Culturally Curious' segment, according to research conducted, is described as having the most potential in the British market, that they plan their trips very carefully and want to feel that every holiday they take to a city is one that they have created for themselves. It plans to attract visitors by using billboards, radio and print media, digital and social media advertising throughout Great Britain.

"We all know that this year was a really good year for tourism in Dublin with the city thronged with tourists and our hotels full throughout the summer.  However, we need to look to Dublin’s long-term appeal and to guarantee that, whatever happens in external markets or however currencies fluctuate, Dublin continues to attract visitors and compete with other city destinations overseas," said chairman of the Grow Dublin Advisory Board Michael Carey.

Noel John McLoughlin, director of marketing with Fáilte Ireland, added, "Through this new campaign, we are seeking to encourage British holiday makers to take short breaks in Dublin and to grow visitor numbers and revenue during the low season window in November to February. By targeting those segments with the most potential, we hope to gain a competitive edge and win additional British business for Dublin during that quieter part of the year."