New Supersonic Jet Could Take Flight In 2018

By Dave Simpson
New Supersonic Jet Could Take Flight In 2018

Colorado-based aviation company Boom Technology has announced that a new jet capable of traversing the Atlantic at supersonic speeds could be test-flown as early as 2018.

The Irish Independent reports that the company's CEO, Blake Scholl, hopes to have the so-called "Boom Supersonic" plane airborne by the end of next year. Scholl stated that five as-of-yet-unidentified airlines have already expressed interest in the aircraft and have made more than 70 offers to Boom between them.

Once in the air, the prototype "Baby Boom" plane will travel at Mach 2.2 and be capable of accelerating to speeds of up to 2,330 km/h, while a full-sized version of the jet will be able to hit 2,715 km/h, which is 160 km/h faster than Concorde.